Ynnis City Exploration

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Ynnis is a bustling port city with many exciting adventures to offer. Who knows what a handler and hound could find ...



You must have a Hound on your account. Your handler must currently be in Ynnis. 


- Each piece can only feature as many hounds as your handler is able to control.
- You must include all bonuses that apply to the piece in your form.
- Bonuses that you do not include will not be rolled.
- Forms must be included in the comment section of your submission.

Visual Art

- Piece must depict at least 50% of your hound.
- Piece requires a Ynnis City background.
- Piece must adhere to Itona visual art guidelines.


- Piece must be 750 or more words.
- Piece should focus on your handler and hound exploring Ynnis.
- Piece must adhere to Itona literature guidelines.



Visual Art GuidelinesLiterature GuidelinesHandler Guidelines
Exploration Guide ✦ Ynnis Lore Training


1x Ynnis City Roll per Hound
Any applicable Hound bonuses




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Primary Handler: (link to account)
Bonuses: (list all the apply)
Additional Handler:
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Bonuses: (list all the apply, remove if not needed)

Hounds: (character code of Hound, duplicate if needed)
Instinct: (list all that apply, duplicate if needed)
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Reward Amount
Ynnis City 1



No skill increase.