Visual Art Guide


 - Art for activities must have at least 50% of Hounds depicted.
- Art must include a background with at least 3 distinct elements.
- Art must be in colour or have tonal depictions.
- Art must be a minimum of 250x250 pixels. 
- Art for activities must reflect the activity that you are doing.
- Art for hunt activities must also include at least 25% of the prey animal.
- Hounds must have their markings and traits reasonably depicted, and Hounds should be immediately identifiable as themselves.
- Art must be finished to a reasonable degree, and not look messy, rushed or incomplete. 
- Your work will be compared against only your own gallery.
- All art created for activities must be created by you, or a player you are collaborating with, for the specific activity it is being submitted to.
- Backgrounds are required to have a setting (ground, sky, etc.) and at least 3 different hand drawn elements (rock, tree, etc.). 
- Stamp style brushes may not be used to count as elements.
- Lineart made by you or a collaborator may not be reused in activities. It may only be reused in Anything Goes for training only.
- Art may be uploaded to our on-site gallery or Deviantart for processing. 
- If submitting to Deviantart comments must be allowed on the work.
- If submitting to Deviantart it must not be submitted as a


- Collaborations are welcome!
- Different activities have different collaboration limits - most activities have a collaboration limit of two or three players.
- Each collaborator must make a reasonable contribution to the end work.

Visual Guides


Minimum Elements

The background on the left would not pass for background requirements. It has no handdrawn or defined elements. The background on the right represents a rough minimum of what would pass. The background on the left at most has a setting (ground, sky), while the background on the right has a setting (ground, sky) and three or more hand drawn, defined elements (clouds, sun, rocks, grasses.)

Finished Elements

All elements in your art piece must be finished to a reasonable degree. This includes colouring being reasonably within the lines, guideline layers being turned off and a reasonable level of detail being put into an element. Hounds in particular must have all of their defining features, when taking pose into account. 


Simplifying Hounds

Hound markings may be reasonbly simplified in images, but the Hound depicted must be immediately indentifiable. Traits such as horns must always be depicted. Dyes and items are never required to be drawn.