Handler Guide



All handlers in Itona must follow some basic rules:

- Handlers must be bipedal.
- Handlers must have 4 limbs; 2 limbs are legs, 2 limbs are arms. (Respectful depictions of disability allowed.)
- Handlers must have a human-like distribution of features. (Eg. Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, etc.)
- Handlers must stand between four feet and seven feet in height. 
- Skin may be any colour. 
- Ears may be any shape. 
- Handlers may have tails, horns, claws.
- Handler's may not have any magical abilities or effects.
- Handlers may not be copyrighted characters, unless you own the copyright. 
- Handlers may not feature political symbols.
- Handlers must be depicted as clothed, with a minimum of their genitals covered.