Hounds earn training every time they are depicted in a piece of art or literature! Below is the rubric. This is an additive rubric, and each element that applies adds that much training to the piece! You must add the correct amount of training to any Hounds attached to your submission. Training is spent on training classes, which grant Hounds new and/or better abilities!

Visual Art

Coloured - 1
Shaded - 1
Background - 2


750 Words - 2
Each Additional 500 words - 2


Non-Commissioned - 2*
Collaborated - 1*
Handler Included - 2
Prey Included - 1
Masterwork - 5

Other Bonuses

Quick Learner Instinct - 1
Ynnisi Instinct - 1, when set in the Ynnis Region
Azzaruan Instinct - 1, when set in the Azzaru Region

* Please note that a piece can only be non-commissioned or collaborated, not both! Non-commissioned pieces are pieces that are fully completed by the submitter, with no other contributors. 

Training Classes

Training is spent at training classes. These classes allow you to improve your Hounds! Training classes always have a training cost and an additional requirement. These requirements can be things like having had to complete a certain number of explorations, having placed in a show, etc. These requirements can only be used for one training class! This means if you've previously used an exploration as part of a training class requirement it cannot be used for a different classes requirement. Many training classes also have a cog cost to attend. 

Submissions to training classes also generate additional training, based on the above rubric!