Masters Obedience Class


Few Hounds can be called obedience masters, but this class is for those that aspire to that lofty goal. The class focuses on complex, multi-part commands and intense communication between handler and Hound.


Your Hound attends a master level obedience class!


- This class costs 100 training and 750 cogs
- The Hound must have completed at least 10 explorations
- Submitter must be the owner of the Hound
- Only 1 Hound per submission may attend a class
- Reminder! Previous task requirements for training classes can only be used once!
- Reminder! Attach training earned to your Hound!
- A Hound may only attend this class once

Visual Art

- Piece must depict at least 50% of your hound.
- Piece requires a City background.
- Piece must adhere to Itona visual art guidelines.


- Piece must be 750 or more words.
- Piece should focus on your hound attending an obedience class
- Piece must adhere to Itona literature guidelines.



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Training Guide



Masters Obedience Training
3 Breeding Assessments



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No rewards.



Skill Amount
Masters Obedience
This skill requires Expert Obedience level 1 on all focus characters.