Basic Obedience Class


Every Hound has to start their training somewhere, and Basic Obedience is the place that most begin! This class covers basic Hound manners, and helps handlers get more comfortable with their Hounds.


Your Hound attends a basic obedience class!


- This class costs 10 training
- The Hound must have completed at least one exploration
- Submitter must be the owner of the Hound
- Only 1 Hound per submission may attend a class
- Reminder! Previous task requirements for training classes can only be used once!
- Reminder! Attach training earned to your Hound!
- A Hound may only attend this class once.

Visual Art

- Piece must depict at least 50% of your hound.
- Piece requires a City background.
- Piece must adhere to Itona visual art guidelines.


- Piece must be 750 or more words.
- Piece should focus on your hound attending an obedience class
- Piece must adhere to Itona literature guidelines.



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Training Guide



Basic Obedience Training



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No rewards.



Skill Amount
Basic Obedience 1