Azzaru Countryside Exploration

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The countryside outside of Azzaru is marked by rolling hills, many filled with mineshafts, both in use and long abaonded. Many of the hills are blanketed with lush, temperate forests. Some of the hills are high enough that microbiomes exist, filled with much more cold hardy plants. 


You must have a Hound on your account. Your handler must currently be in Azzaru. 


- Each piece can only feature as many hounds as your handler is able to control.
- You must include all bonuses that apply to the piece in your form.
- Bonuses that you do not include will not be rolled.
- Forms must be included in the comment section of your submission.

Visual Art

- Piece must depict at least 50% of your hound.
- Piece requires an Azzaru countryside background.
- Piece must adhere to Itona visual art guidelines.


- Piece must be 750 or more words.
- Piece should focus on your handler and hound exploring the Azzaru countryside.
- Piece must adhere to Itona literature guidelines.



Visual Art GuidelinesLiterature GuidelinesHandler Guidelines
Exploration Guide ✦ Azzaru LoreTraining


1x Azzaru Countryside Roll per Hound
Any applicable Hound bonuses




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Bonuses: (list all the apply)
Additional Handler:
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Hounds: (character code of Hound, duplicate if needed)
Instinct: (list all that apply, duplicate if needed)
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Reward Amount
Azzaru Countryside 1



No skill increase.