A new handler arrives in Ynnis ...


The journey across the East Sea is trying, regardless of season. The cooler seasons have fierce storms that can toss even the largest of ships to and fro, while the warmer have doldrums and calms that can strand a ship for days. The voyage takes two months when all goes well, but can stretch to as long as four if difficulties are encountered. Despite the risks, each ship that dares the crossing is full.

Itona offers opportunities simply not present elsewhere in the world. Noted for its sweeping expanses and technological innovations, the continent welcomes those looking to author their own futures. Earning passage on one of the ships is a driving goal for many. Some achieve it via luck, winning a lottery for passage from a consulate. Others buy their way on board. Regardless of how a person came to secure passage, Itona offers a path to citizenship for any that can make it to the shore and are willing to dedicate themselves.


A new ship has arrived in Ynnis' port, packed full of folks ready to start a new life. Just off the dock, a huddle of people waits, eager to welcome new arrivals. They offer various opportunities for those willing to take them. 



Design your handler! Players are allowed to have as many handlers as they wish, so in the future you may create additional handlers. When you've completed your entry link to it in your submission and in the comment box indicate which reward option you'd like! On all Itona prompts you only have to submit your choice of art OR literature that meet the below requirements!


Visual Art

- Piece must depict at least 50% of your handler, and must include their face.
- Handler must meet Itona handler guidelines.
- Piece does not require a background.
- Piece must adhere to Itona visual art guidelines.


- Piece must be 500 or more words.
- Piece should focus on your handler arriving at the Ynnis dock, be it off of a boat, or from the city itself.
- Handler must meet Itona handler guidelines.
- Piece must adhere to Itona literature guidelines.



Visual Art GuidelinesLiterature GuidelinesHandler Guidelines
Ynnis Lore


1x New Player Hound Phenotype or 1x New Player Designed Hound

Reward Details

1x New Player Hound Phenotype
Receive a randomly rolled starter phenotype! You can choose the sex and one feature of this phenotype from the feature options list below. Please note that you will need to design this hound yourself, or find someone to design it for you before you can use it in game. 
1x New Player Predesigned Hound
Receive a randomly rolled already designed hound! You can choose the sex and one feature of this Hound from the feature options list below.

Feature Options
You may select the sex (male or female) and one feature from the list below for your hound! You may also choose to have your hound rolled entirely at random. 

- Black
- Chocolate
- Horned
- Bob Tailed
- Sabre Tailed
- Solid
- Sable
- Recessive Red
- White Marked




No rewards.




No skill increase.