BerdirAccipicervus ynnisi

Prey Animals
A medium sized omnivore, common over much of the continent. Among the most common meat consumed. Able to be hunted by a single hound and handler, but easier to deal with with multiple hounds.

General Description

Medium-sized omnivores with two-toed hooves and dense, but coarse, coats. Berdir have large, scooped ears, side-facing eyes with horizontal pupils, and a prominent beak at the end of their muzzles. Mature males weigh 200-220 pounds; females weigh 170-200. Females often form small herds, but are only tolerant of males until ruts. 


Highly varied, often preferring cool sites with dense vegetation and access to fresh running water. Will temporarily occupy open shrubland and grassy marshlands during fruiting periods of preferred foods. 

Species Range

Berdir range the entire continent of Itona. 


Omnivorous, preferring leaves and fruits through the spring and summer and small prey in the cooler, barren months. Opportunistic and will consume carrion. 


Mature at 1 year. Reproduction occurs in the late fall, with rutting bucks battling each other for access to female herds. Fawns are born in late spring - often twins, rarely triplets. 


Most common meat consumed in itona. Able to be hunted by a single hound and handler, but easier to hunt in groups. Injuries are common due to their sharp beaks.



Berdir variants.

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