S-00025: Spoon

Owned by Pure09
This is for character lore 'n' stuff, check Notes for stats and genetics stuff.

Soft, laid back and easygoing hound. A little too easygoing, in some cases.

Has gotten his head stuck in a dumpster at least once a year.


Spoon has Blue eumelanin, Cream phaeomelanin, Mask extension, Tan Points pattern, Furnished fur, Pointed ears, and a Bobbed tail. While a lot of detailed info on Itonan genetics is out of reach, inferences can still be made.

Some basic IRL dog genes are implied to be at play, so we can infer some of his genome from that as follows.

Blue eumelanin is caused by Black B(B/b) that's been Diluted dd. It is unknown if he carries a brown Chocolate b allele.

Mask is caused by the Mask Extension Em(Em/E/e). It is unknown if he carries another Mask Em allele, a Normal Extension E allele, or a recessive red e allele.

Points is likely caused by the Tan Points allele at(at/a). It is unknown if Itona has the recessive Solid a allele. In order for him to express the Points pattern, he needs to have no Solid Ky allele, and since he has no brindle he cannot be kbr, making his genes kyky.

With Itona-specific or specialized traits it's a little harder. We can get some hints by observing existing Itonan hound breeding results, but won't know more until genome reveals become a thing. (I'm not crying, you're—)

Cream phaeomelanin genes are unknown, as no hounds with this phaeomelanin have been bred.

Smooth coat is unknown, but presumed recessive to Wire. There's only one instance of Wire being bred by players, and that was with a Wire&Smooth pair. Since Wire hasn't appeared from Smooth&Smooth, Smooth is likely to be recessive.

Bobbed has not appeared in breedings between non-bobbed parents, and tends to aggressively appear when at least one parent is bobbed. This implies bobbed is dominant.

Furnished can appear in children of two non-furnished parents. This implies furnished is recessive.

Pointed ears unknown. Split ears have appeared in a breeding between two dished, between a dished and a pointed, and between two pointed. Split may be the most recessive. It is possible he carries. Dished has appeared between dished&dished, dished&pointed. Unknown if dished is dominant to pointed or recessive. Pointed is either middle or highest ear.

It is unknown if he carries any kind of horns, white markings or instincts.

B(B/b) dd ?? Em(Em/E/e) at(at/a) kyky smoothsmooth furnishedfurnished Bobbed(Bobbed/?) [p/P]ointed([p/P]ointed/[d/D]ished/split)

  • Head
  • Gait
  • Body
  • Temperament
  • Drive
    Below Average
  • Speed
    Above Average
  • Strength
    Quite Good
  • Agility
    Above Average
  • Stamina
    Quite Fine
  • Intelligence
    Above Average
  • Gift art is allowed
  • Breeding inquiries open.