Typo Crusher Raffle

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Hello closed beta buddies! As we prepare for our grand opening there's a lot of content we need to put onto the site. Guides, descriptions, prompts, you name it! In all that information there's bound to be a few typos lurking! If you spot a typo and turn it into this raffle you'll earn a ticket for a cool Hound phenotype! We'll draw the raffle just before closed beta closes. Thanks for helping us crush the typos!



Locate typos! If you find one, submit its url to the submission box, and make a note of what it is in the comment section! 


You must submit an url that contains a typo of some sort, and a description of what the typo is in the comment section!


Phenotype #1
Phenotype #2


Reward Amount
Typo Crusher Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1



No skill increase.