Inbreeding occurs when a Hound has one or more ancestor appear more than once in its pedigree. Inbreeding may have a negative effect on the Hound. 


Negative Effects

For each repeated ancestor that appears in a Hound's pedigree they will receive 1 deleterious allele roll. Each roll has a 50% chance of creating a deleterious allele. Deleterious alleles have a negative impact on a Hound. See below for a full list of current deleterious alleles. As an example, if a litter has an ancestor appear in their pedigree 3 times each puppy in the litter would receive 3 deleterious allele rolls. Each of these rolls has a 50% chance of producing a negative result.

Deleterious alleles are hereditble, and thus can be passed onto the offspring of an inbred Hound, even if inbreeding is no longer visible in the pedigree.

Deleterious Alleles

- Blindness
- Deafness
- Negative conformation stat
- Negative ability stat
- Infertility