To Join a Guild

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A week had passed since Luminance had been given to Phaedra. The pair had been hard at work, bonding and training. And in Phaedra's case, looking for a steady job. She'd been fortunate enough to pick up some shifts at inn she was staying at, primarily helping out in the kitchen and tidying rooms, but she knew it was time to find something more permanent. She didn't intend to stay living in an inn forever, after all!

Last night in the common room over dinner a local had told her it might be worth her while to check out the trade guilds. There was a road where all the major guilds had headquarters, and they always seemed to be recruiting. It could be a good way to make a solid contact, and perhaps find a job of some sort.

After a light breakfast, made up of some sort of rough cake like thing, she made her way towards the location that had been described to her. The day was quite sunny, especially compared to the general greyness that had been the rest of the week. Lumi pranced on her leash, excited for a walk. Phaedra hoped that the Hound would be on her best behavior.

It wasn't long before the pair reached their destination. Phaedra immediately recognized the Trainers' Guild booth, and approached it happily. Out front a woman was giving a demonstration of all the tricks that her Hound was capable of. Luminance pulled a little on her leash, and whined, wanting to be included. The woman shot Phaedra a look that made her back away quickly. Perhaps this wasn't exactly where her talents lay.

She wandered down the street a little, before coming to stop in front of the Fanciers' Guild booth. In all honesty, she didn't know exactly what this guild did. The others had a much clearer purpose in her mind. The representative was brushing a Hound with a puffy, wirey coat. Phaedra hadn't seen many Hounds like that at all. He gave her a friendly smile and wave, so she walked into the booth, Lumi in tow.

"Morning! You looking for guild membership?" The was straight to the point. Phaedra glanced around, just to make sure he was talking to her. It seemed like he was.

"Um, maybe? I'm looking for a job, first and foremost. And maybe to learn a little more about what this guild ... does?" She petted one of Lumi's ears, and the Hound took a seat. Luminance seemed quite content inside the booth, and happy to wait for a few minutes.

"Well, if you want a job with us, that's for members only. But some folks do have some kennel hand positions available. Good way to learn more about Hound care. You look like you're new, so that might be a good fit?" Phaedra nodded, and couldn't hep but wonder how he knew she was still new ... Perhaps simply being in one of these booths was a sign. "The Fanciers' Guild believes in bettering Hounds. Bringing them to their full potential, whatever that potential is."

Phaedra nodded along, doing her best to understand. "And if I join up, there's jobs I can do?"

The representative smiled, and pulled out a ledger book, and a pen. "Can have you working tomorrow, if you want! Just have to sign on the line."

She eagerly accepted the pen, and added her name the the Guild listing.

To Join a Guild
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