Arrival and Reuniting

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Kazimir, or Kaz to his friends hated boats, something he hadn’t known until he had gotten on this one and felt sick and dizzy at the feeling of the deck moving beneath his feet. He had spent an unfortunate amount of the voyage leaning against the rail trying to keep what little food he had managed in his stomach. But, things would soon be getting better, the cry had gone up that land was in sight and now he was anxiously waiting on deck a bag of meager possessions slung over one shoulder. He shuffled his feet anxiously, not used to the dread sitting in his stomach, or the worry, the nervousness…. What if he had changed his mind? What if he wasn’t waiting? What if he had used this chance to get rid of the rather annoying thorn in his side. The city was in sight as they approached and his eyes widened as he, like any other new people arriving on the boat, moved to the bow to take a better look at what lay ahead.


“Oh by all that is holy!” he cannot help but whisper as he gets his first proper look at his… their new home. As the boat pulls into the dock he is one of the first off, before immediately being buffeted by those around him. His hands brushed through his dark hair in irritation as he found himself at the back of the crowd, mismatched eyes looking around nervously, looking for…him. He spots a flash of blonde in the crowd and narrows his eyes trying to get a better look, but when the man turns the face is all wrong. Too rugged and rough. Maybe he really didn’t show. Kaz looks around once more seeing a good number of the other’s from the boat meeting up with people or being approached by strangers waiting on the docs offering a helping hand.


This was a mistake. Maybe he should just turn around, get back on the boat before it went home. As he glances back over the shoulder, he freezes, a familiar face with a familiar smile moving around the groups of people and over to him. Long blonde hair carefully wrapped up in a bun, neat but casual as he carefully dodges the people around him.

“Benji!”, the name is a whisper but he can see the other has noticed it and Kaz is moving before he even realises he can. He brushes past a group of hugging family members, ducks under the arm of someone unloading something from the boat and heading to his heart. In moments the blonde is swept up in his arms, Kaz lifting him effortlessly off the ground as arms come around hugging him. He feels the warmth of his partner against him and feels the tension in his shoulders drop away. 

“I was… worried. I thought maybe you changed your mind!” he feels himself say as the warmth in his heart grows. No matter what he faced here, with Benji by his side he was home.

Arrival and Reuniting
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