Itona Expeditions



Itona Expeditions is an ARPG that takes place on the wild continent of Itona, a vast land with many secrets to uncover. Create a kennel of your own, breed and train your perfect hound, and take on all sorts of tasks and challenges with your trusty companion at your side. Compete with other players to determine who has the finest hound in the land, or work together to discover new places. Climb to the pinnacle of your chosen career! And while doing this, earn rewards in game, including more hounds! Itona stretches before you, are you ready to explore?

Itona Expeditions is a closed species ARPG. This means that you'll need to obtain a character through official channels! Itona Expeditions is currently accepting beta applications here! Have questions or want to chat with the community? Join our Discord!

About Itona


The Journey

The journey across the East Sea is trying, regardless of season. The cooler seasons have fierce storms that can toss even the largest of ships to and fro, while the warmer have doldrums and calms that can strand a ship for days. The voyage takes two months when all goes well, but can stretch to as long as four if difficulties are encountered. Despite the risks, each ship that dares the crossing is full.

Itona offers opportunities simply not present elsewhere in the world. Noted for its sweeping expanses and technological innovations, the continent welcomes those looking to author their own futures. Earning passage on one of the ships is a driving goal for many. Some achieve it via luck, winning a lottery for passage from a consulate. Others buy their way on board. Regardless of how a person came to secure passage, Itona offers a path to citizenship for any that can make it to the shore and are willing to dedicate themselves. 

The Destination

 The last decade has seen a huge innovation boom. New inventions and insights seem to pop up each new season. Perhaps the most important has been the steam carriage. After years of development and experimentation, they first rattled over the cobbled street of Ynnis, sparking intense interest. Over the past four years the governments of Ynnis and Azzaru worked closely together, creating a smooth, compacted track between the cities. Now steam carriages travel between the two, suddenly opening up trade and travel between them to staggering new levels.

Other cities across the continent are eyeing opening up carriage tracks of their own. The benefits are many, but the work is challenging and time consuming. 




Hounds have long served as companions to Itonans across the continent, but their popularity has been steadily increasing. People in all professions and classes have uses for Hounds - be they cherished pets, working team members or valuable commodities.

The Hounds indigenous to the areas near Ynnis and Azzaru are noted for their trainable natures and seem to excell at water work. Traditionally they have been used to hunt game for their masters, as well as provide protection out in the wilderness. In more recent years city dwellers have begun enjoying hound sports, and some breeds even seem to be developing. Most Itonans have a Hound to call their own, to the point where not owning a Hound is viewed as quite unusual. Some Hounds are purposefully bred for specific instincts and traits, while other Hounds are tamed directly from the wild.